Viewolux - "Vision of Light" - About the Artist, Marshall Sussman

As a photographer, my travels have provided a vast spectrum of images that I enjoy capturing through the lens.

I was born in Brooklyn, lived in the suburbs, and now live in the Southwest. My experience in each area has expanded my vision to appreciate different settings.

I enjoyed a career in TV transmission and telecommunications. Now that I am retired, I am able to focus on still photography. 

My passion for travel has also enabled me to expand the breadth of subjects in my photographs. I've traveled to every state in the United States and to Canada and Europe. Through many of my photographs, you will see a consistent theme - diverse subjects that exist at a particular point in time. You will find abandoned factories, ghost towns, and ancient structures against unique backdrops that tell tales of an older era. I vary those with abstract images and landscapes, sharing with you the beauty that exists in different areas of the world.

What makes my photos unique is my tendency to look at the images from a different point of view - unique angles, various focal points, diverse moods. Photography is dynamic with constant changes in technology and methods. This evolution spurs my journey to be open to and share new experiences. 


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