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Viewolux - "Vision of Light" - About the Artist

My first serious camera was a Canon A1 35mm film camera. As I viewed the images projected from the slide carousel to the screen, I realized that photography is a great way to recreate and share my experiences. My journeys have taken me to the National Parks of the United States, Canada, Europe, and to other venues. These experiences have offered up images to me that I have been able to capture through my lens.

From then I've expanded to a variety of cameras and different types of photography. I enjoy creating infrared images, 3D photos with digital 3D cameras or a 1950s Stereo Realist camera, traditional slides, HDR, and digital captures.

What makes my photos unique is my tendency to look at the images with a different point of view - unique angles, various focal points, diverse moods.

Photography is dynamic with constant changes in new technology and methods. The constant evolution spurs my journey to be open to new experiences and address new challenges in the industry. This is a challenge that I enjoy!

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